Plugin Flowcharting 0.4.0 ready to pull, need beta tester

Hi Users and grafana team.
Since 4 months, i work on version 0.4.0.
I think this version is stable but before to pull for release, i need feedback and beta tester.
You can found it at

Documentation at

What’s news for this version :

[0.4.0 SNAPSHOT] - 2019-09-14


  • editor (Example)
    • Open with dark theme for better rendering
    • Display waiting screen when loading xml definition.
  • Upgrading libraries
  • Graph definition
    • Adding download function to download source by http on load. (Example)
  • Metric
    • Adding string support for state
  • Zoom (issue #19) (Example)
    • On the mouse pointer : Ctrl + Mouse
    • Hold right button to move diagram.
    • double click on shape to zoom on.
    • Escape key to restore.
  • Tooltip/popup support (Example)
    • Grafana style css and date
    • Adding metrics with color according levels
    • Adding colors on metrics in tooltip
    • Adding date of change
    • Adding label input for metric
  • Variables/templates support, accept variable like ${} (Example)
    • In xml definition
    • In text mapping when type in sring for “Range to text” and “Value to text”
    • In link ovewrite
  • full shapes from included (Examples)
  • Some optimizations



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Good idea and nice project! I think that it deserves a chance. Just a question:

  • Licenses?


Hi gretamosa
Project under licence Apache 2.0
See project site at