New plugin base on mxgraph and editor to draw complexe flowchart and graph

Hi every body.
i wrote a plugin for grafana in 1 month to draw complexe flowchat and diagram.

i’ll try to publish it in repo grafana with grafana-plugin-repo but i cant see it

Why ?
My repo.json :
“plugins”: [
“id”: “agenty-flowcharting-panel”,
“type”: “panel”,
“url”: “”,
“versions”: [
“version”: “0.1”,
“commit”: “1d4d3b70214842780ee3ad2545cc0f51dfe17918”,
“url”: “

Best regards

You’ll need to fork this repo:
and add your plugin to the repo.json, and submit a PR, we’ll review it and help get it published.

Thanks and very cool plugin!


i dont need to run grunt task ?

Ok, i begin to understand, i am not developer, i have an error in pull request :



ran a minute ago in 1 minute

8f6ffc2 by @algenty

i am very a novice, i think its work. i’am not a developer :frowning:
I’m learning :wink:
1 month ago, I didn’t know js, angular, grunt, css and more.


Pull request seems work but i can’t see my plugin on
need help bkgann

best reguards

Pull request must be closed to send plugin ?

I’ll try again, please check PR