Help publish plugin


Hi, I have developed a plugin similar to WorldMap and I wanted to know how it can be published to appear on the Grafana plugins page.


I’ve been through this a couple of times myself - once you have the plugin working and ready to go, you create a fork of the grafana plugin repository ( and edit repo.json, adding a new section with the details for your plugin (including name, version etc., plus the latest commit hash for the git repository for your new plugin). Them create a pull request to have your changes merged back into the official grafana repo.

This triggers a code review and test process by Grafana developers who will check and see what, if anything, needs to be fixed before it is adopted. This can take rather a long time though - several months in my case, as their developers are probably really busy with other, more critical, tasks). I hear they are working on improving the review response time, so hopefully, your experience will be much faster. Don’t count on it though.

The guys there are really helpful and encouraging though, so don’t be put off.

Regards and good luck
Michael D Moore