Flowcharting plugin 0.5.0 available

Hi dev team,

I am proud to present you the latest version of Flowcharting available in plugin section

[0.5.0 SNAPSHOT] - 2019-10-13


  • 2 new modes for “Update text value” (See example)
    • Append (Space) : Concat metrics with a space as a separator
    • Append (New line) : Concat metrics with a line break
  • Variabilization in “Url” for link mapping (See example)
  • New check box to allow download images from draw.io (See example)
  • New editor option :
    • Choose other editor draw.io like internal website
    • Choose the theme of editor
  • New identification mode for shapes when mouse cursor is over the rules or the mapping (See example)
  • Support Dynamic shapes like Floorplan, isometric plans and more (See example)
  • New color mode for no SVG object like pictures/cliparts/images (See example)
  • Graphs in tooltip (See example)
    • Color graph with defined colors in threshold
    • Size of graph (See example)
  • Define the orientation in tooltip for each metrics/graph in tooltips : horizontal or vertical (See example)
  • Some optimizations, Display is twice as fast on load.


  • Fix color to reset when “Color on” is “Always/Critical” and metric is OK
  • Fix border to empty instead black when “color mode” is “Fill” (issue #24)
  • Fix error when “Value On” is not “When metric displayed”
  • Fix Link (issue #37)
  • Fix hyperlink text appears in white over flowchart (issue #45)
  • Fix “Multiple FlowCharts On a Dashboard”, when edit, both are the same draw (issue #48)
  • Fix options after reload or variable changed (issue #44)
  • Fix auto reset zoom/unzoom when data refreshed, only ESC or change options on flowchart reset zoom now (issue #38)
  • Fix error for BPNM shapes (Issue #51)
  • Fix display when center and scale are checked on flowchart options.
  • Fix Zoom with mouse wheel for firefox and Edge.

Best reguards,


hello ,
i’m trying to use flowchart plugin version 0.9.1 with grafana 8.4.2 ,but shape from draw.Io is not loaded