Flowcharting 0.3.0 released

Hi contributors,

I am proud to annouce version 0.3.0 de flowcharting, pull request in progress.

Full documentation with animated examples

Some screenshots

New banner

Easter egg hidden in our dashboads :smile:

Home automation example

[0.3.0] - 2019-05-07


/!\ Possible breaking change with 0.2.0 and 0.2.5 but it will compatible with next release.

  • Migration process for next release.
  • Dynamic documentation/Examples on popover (thx SCHKN)
  • Params link option, add params of dashboard to link.
  • Full review of code (ES6 Class mode)
  • Unit test with jest to increase quality
  • Fill/text/stoke rules on the same object is possible.
  • Mapping selector helper (chain in mapping)
  • Icon overlay state (display icon warning when NOK)
  • Implemented the conditions to display text according to the states.
  • new inspect Tab with :
    • Renamer ID (double click on ID)
    • State status
    • Debug mode
  • Custom Link Mapping overrite.


  • Substring replace on text (Issue #8)
  • Editor object not found Exception (Issue #1)
  • Original Link (Issue #9)
  • Fixed Change the colors (Issue #14)
  • Fixed Unit (Issue #12)

Project site

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