Panel library "element has been changed by..."

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    Grafana 9.3.1
    Windows server

With the library panel function, I try to modify a panel present in several dashboards but I get an error message.
“Error saving library panel: The library element has been changed by someone else.”
the problem is that I’m the only one who can modify them and I didn’t modify anything.
When it’s like that, I have to unlink and redo the link with the library panel…

The dashboards have different users and therefore the permission of the folders are quite specific.
The panel library is in the general folder so everyone has access to that folder.

Do you have a lead for me please?

i hope, i’m clear with my issue

thank you

hi @slayers02 :wave:

i tried to reproduce the error but It’s hard without having the same scenario

here are a bunch of questions that came to mind after i tried to repro on my windows machine:
I appreciate they are a lot but i hope it will help us troubleshoot this error :mag_right: :

where are you editing the panel from? From inside a dashboard or from /library-panels
what user is editing?

“Error saving library panel: The library element has been changed by someone else.”

is the library panel present in dashboards within other folders?

can you give an example of the permissions / users a dashboard has (a screenshot would be enough) It would be interesting to see also how different the permissions at the library panel level vs at dashboard level

i’m editing the panel inside my dashboard PAG
it’s only the user admin can be editing.
All my panel library is in the general folder (general folder is access by all users).

here is a screenshot about my permission folder.


I am encountering the same issue as previously reported:
Grafana 9.4.7

Error message: “Error saving library panel: ‘The library element has been changed by someone else’”

The problem arises under these conditions for me:

  1. Create a library panel in one dashboard.
  2. Copy the panel to a different dashboard.
  3. Modify the panel in the second dashboard.
  4. Go back to the original dashboard.
  5. Try to edit and save the panel again.

For instance, I changed the color of a panel in one dashboard and then switched to another dashboard with the same library panel. The color update did not appear in the second dashboard’s panel. When I attempted to edit the panel with the new color, I received the error message: “Error saving library panel.”

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am also having this same problem. I did everything that Skywalker did as well and get the same error. I’m trying to use the same library panel across 11 dashboards in hopes that I make changes on one and when I save the Library dashboard it will update the panel on all the dashboards. But either it says it saved successfully and doesn’t update the other 10 dashboards OR it gives me that error. Anyone figure out a fix for that?

I am facing this same issue

I am experiencing this issue.