Error when import dash with panel libraryd

Hello fellow developers, I discovered a problem with the use of the panels library.
I explain this:

When importing a dashboard, containing a linked panel in the panels library, in an organization other than the one
including the said library, or any other grafana server, I get 2 errors:

1 - I have a red error message when importing telling me that the dashboard failed to import, but it has been created.
(in my opinion this comes from the fact that he cannot find the panel of the library)

2 - when I open the famous dashboard, I have a red error on my panel telling me that it cannot be found in the panels library
(which seems normal to me because from what I understood the panel libraries are specific to each organization, you are free to
decide on the structure of your product, personally I find that a little blocking).

I therefore went to the json of the dashboard that I exported, and I saw my panel there which is well written, only
there are a few more lines including the information from the panel library.

I therefore deleted these few lines before reimporting the dashboard, and I found my functional panel!

conclusion / request:
For case number 2, if possible, I would like you to change the behavior of the dashboard in the direction of:
if I cannot find the panel in the panel library, then I display it normally, this can be done in several ways different, for example when importing if I cannot find the panel in the library I delete the lines concerned, or when opening
panel, I ignore these lines.

How to reproduce the problem:

1 - created a dashboard with a panel
2 - save the dashboard
3 - import this panel into the panels library
4 - save the dashboard
5 - export the dashboard (or copy the json)
6 - change organization
7 - import the dashboard (see case 1)
8 - go to home and click on the import dashboard (see case 2)
9 - redo the import manipulation by deleting the lines concerning the panel library (note that the panel works)

please correct this problem, it’s a shame as it prevents a great feature you created from working !

thank you for reporting this in the repo!

Is this issue has been fixed?, Me too facing same problem.

should be fixed. If not I would jump on the issue thread linked above:

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