Update library panel with import

In addition to Sharing Library panel as part of sharing the dashboard I would like to update existing library panels by importing (overwrite) the dashboard.

Currently the import just says this without an option to overwrite them:

List of existing library panels. These panels are not affected by the import.

So how to update library panels by import?

So if the import option does not give you an option to overwrite you I would venture to say use the api for overwriting existing one.

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Thanks, while that might work, shouldn’t it be possible in the UI as well?

not if the UI does not provide the mechanism to do it. Does the UI now provide a means of updating an existing dashboard on import?

Yes of course you can update dashboards by the import. It will say there already exists a dashboard with the same ID and then the button shows “Import (overwrite)”.

But as said, library panels don’t get updated.