"paginate" through time?


is there a way or plugin or similar to paginate through the time?

What I mean is, that my default time-range is last 6 hours… If I want to see the previous 6 hours before that, is there a easy way to do it? So I can click something like “view prev 6 hours”?

It is enought if I can do this on a panel in “view” mode, don’t have to be for the complete dashboard.

A google search does not come up with something usefull (or I used the wrong keywords).

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What version of grafana and what data source do you have and what visualization?


I’m using the docker from grafana-oss:latest (running version 9.1.3) using influx-oss:latest (running 2.4.0) using with flux as query langauge and having default Time Series Panels.

There are no other plugins or customizations running.


Other than using the out of the box time range, you would have to implement some other plugins like buttons or using apache echart grafana plugin

Out of the box

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Yeah. Do you know a plugin for this? As I said, a google search does not really shows anything…