Extremely flexible time range on dashboards

I have a really weird question. I am managing some Jenkins pipelines and I have created some panels to get some data. But I have a weird time range that I want to enable on these dashboards. The pipelines start at 20:00 every day. So I want to have the results from only the last day starting from 20:00 the same/previous day. I have not found anything to achieve this.

Does anyone have a clue?

In my experience anything involving absolute dates or times (rather than
“something relative to now”, or built-in concepts like “yesterday” and “last
week”, which are bounded on midnight) is a big challenge in Grafana.

Anything possible is going to depend on which back-end data store you are
using, and what functions it supports for date/time-based queries such as
hour() and day().

So, where do you currently have the data that you’re querying with Grafana?


I am using influxdb and query the data with FluxQL.

FluxQL sounds promising to me (if you’d said InfluxDB 1 / InfluxQL, I’d have
said I don’t think you can do it), however I’m not yet up to speed with
FluxQL, so I’m hoping someone else here who knows it better can help out.


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