OTEL metrics' resources attributes gets dropped when exported to Grafana cloud

I use OTEL http exporter to export metrics data to Grafana Cloud.
I noticed that resource attributes are ignored when ingesting metrics data into prometheus by Grafana cloud.
I wonder if it is possible to include resource attribute in time series label?

That’s because Prometheus doesn’t have native support of resource attributes. But it will have in the future.

Workaround: use prometheusremotewrite exporter with

 enabled: true

Hi team,

We are block by this issue.
Is there any workaround?
Do you know when will Prometheus solve this problem natively?

Other Observability backend like Honeycomb, Dyantrace, Signoz and New Relic are already supporting it.

Thank you for the help and support :slight_smile:

Antonio from Cisco ThousandEyes.

Grafana Mimir is long-term storage for Prometheus, so I believe Prometheus must sort it first - there is no point to have vendor specific implementation for this. Try to find some Github issue for that.

I would say workaround is simple - just use some processor and “move” all resource attributes to attributes before exporting to Mimir/Grafana Cloud.