Otel-collector - metrics . vs _

Im using otel-collector-contrib to write metrics, traces, and logs to grafana cloud all exporting to a single exporter

authenticator: basicauth/otlp
endpoint: https://otlp-gateway-MYZONE.grafana.net/otlp

within the metrics of grafana cloud I appear to be missing host_name.

I see that the collector is correctly detecting the resource:

internal/resourcedetection.go:139 detected resource information {“kind”: “processor”, “name”: “resourcedetection”, “pipeline”: “logs”, “resource”: {“host.name”:“DEV-XXXX4”,“os.type”:“windows”}}

do I need some sort of processor section to convert . to _ as referenced here?

I believe that conversion is done by Grafana Cloud automatically (otherwise metric record can’t be saved).

Some exporters (e. g. Prometheusremotewrite are doing “normalization” automatically).