Dashboard with OpenTelemetry metrics


I am using the native OTLP endpoint of Grafana Cloud where I send data to (from an instrumented application with the OpenTelemetry SDK). I resolved connectivity and authentication issues but I cannot find how to create a dashboard with my metrics, especially which data source to use.

Nothing seems to reference the native OTLP endpoint as far as creating a dashboard goes.
Any guidance would be much appreciated.

That depends on your data:

  • metrics should be in your stack Prometheus/Mimir
  • traces in your stack Tempo
  • logs in you stack Loki

Log in to your stack Grafana instance and all your stack resources (Prometheus, Tempo, Loki) should have preconfigured datasources there.

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Thank you a lot for the help! I found the metrics in the stack you mentioned by going to Home > Explore.