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Greeting friends,

I have a little problem with:

I have queried a production database thru OEM. All metrics are gathered in OEM repository and are visible in OEM Cloud Control. But if I try to request them using grafana they are limited to 10 objects.

Oracle Enterprise ManagerCloud Control 13c

Grafana v7.3.5 (11f305f88a)

Grafana Plugin version 2.0.0












Already checked Application API Throttling but with no results. Any clue? Where are the limitations?

Hi @janczewskimarcin

Are you receiving any error messages inside grafana or in the logs?

Have you tried contacting support on the Oracle side?

no error message. Oracle doesn’t support this plugin officially, I put a question on their Grafana plugin community forum …

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Have you checked the Series: Custom (Repository) in your metric definition in Grafana ? I can see that in your case isRemoteConnection:false, though I would have expected this to be a Remote Repository for Grafana to query the OEM Repository.

The whitepaper following the Grafana plugin’s release

Oracle Enterprise Manager
Oracle Enterprise Manager App for GrafanaUser’s Guide

Or the YouTube video that comes with it:

Monitor DB Performance & Configuration Metrics Using OEM App for Grafana Out-of-the-box Dashboards

You may also want to study the current documentation:

Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana User’s Guide
Use SQL Queries

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