Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana -is available for Grafana OSS version?


I would like to set up the plugin Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana, is it available and possible to setup the plugin for Grafana open source version ?


Hi @ravivishpln

I am not familiar with the Oracle Enterprise Manager App, but it does not appear as a plug in in Grafana’s plugin search (I am running OSS v9.4.3):

Furthermore, clicking on the link you provided and doing some further reading, the YouTube install video that they link to shows it is over 2 years old and also does not install via the normal process. I would recommend you try following the instructions in the video and see where that takes you. The last comment on the YouTube video might help too. :grafana:ood luck!

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Thank you for the suggestion , after making changes in .ini file , I see that the plugin and datasource visible in Grafana 9.3.2 OSS version.