Obtaining a graph of S3 buckets size in Grafana, over time (or not)


I am trying to create a graph which is fairly straightforward in Cloudwatch but cannot seem to do in Grafana. I just want a moment in time (or over time, doesn’t matter) graph of S3 bucket size for all my S3 buckets (in that account).

Cloudwatch can do this easily and the legend is the most important information but the graph over time is neat as well

I can’t get it for one bucket, this doesn’t seem to work:

And eventually I’d want see to be BucketName = * or something similar.

Obviously this is very easy to do in InfluxDB but I can’t figure out how to do this in CW, probably a limitation of the DS.


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Setting the “Relative time” field to the range you want worked for me.
For example setting it to “3M” gave me the sizes of the buckets over the last 3 months.