Track S3 metrics without tags?

I enabled the CloudWatch integration in Grafana Cloud. My use case is very simple, I just want to track bucket size over time. So I enabled a few metrics including aws_s3_bucket_size_bytes_average, but the default AWS S3 dashboard doesn’t show any data.
I’m not using any tags in S3. Is there a way to simply show bucket size and number of objects without any tags?

Check your CloudWatch console to see how often is that metric generated. I guess it is once per 12 (maybe 24) hours → so dashboard time period last 30 minutes is not suitable for this case.

That’s not the issue. It still doesn’t show any data if I make the time range 30 days

I believe that CloudWatch integration starts to collect CloudWatch metrics from the date when it was configured, so I wouldn’t expect historic data.

Is there any particular reason why you need CloudWatch integration and why you don’t use CloudWatch datasource?

I enabled the integration over a month ago so it should have data. I think the issue is related to the message shown at the top about tags, but I don’t understand why tags would be necessary.

No particular reason, I was just playing with options. I’ll have a look at the data source too. But it looks like the integration is easier to setup, and it creates some dashboards for you automatically.

CloudWatch datasource has also ready dashboard which can be imported and then just customized for your need. For example: