Plot a graph without using an aggregator - cloudwatch query


I am trying to plot a time series graph in Grafana which is using cloudwatch as datasource.

I have a
dimension as env, bucket_name and file_name
field(metric) as s3_file_created_time ( which stores the datetime of s3 file created in epoch and nano-secs

Here is my sample query using to plot the graph

SELECT s3_metadata_data_time_nano_secs FROM SCHEMA("xyz/data", environment,fname,role,s3_bucket,s3_input_source) WHERE environment = 'test' AND role = 'application1' AND s3_bucket = 'bucket_config' and s3_input_source='system'

without using the aggregator on s3_metadata_data_time_nano_secs, Can please assist us to plot a graph

Grafana version : 8.0
Datasource ; AWS cloud watch

hello, you need value and time column to plot graph in time series panel.
value column is a number, and time is a timestamp or date.