Troubles with Cloudwatch

Greetings everyone.
I’m writing a post here due to troubles with the visualization of Cloudwatch statistics in Grafana. The problem is simple, after configuring Grafana, the query returned an empty array of points.
I know there a similar post asking for help, but all the information I got of them was that I should specify a storage type. I also used, succesfully, other data sources, so i guess the configuration problems are not due to my Grafana configuration.
My current configuration is:

I’m pretty sure that the credentials are right, as I tested them in another projects. Also, I made sure my IAM policies were right.
Thanks to anyone that tries to help me.

Selected metric has 1 data point per day usually, so be sure, that you are not querying with time range <24hour. Last 7 days is a good start time range for this metric.


Thanks for yout help jangaraj, but I still have some trouble.
My datapoints doesn’t draw a graph in grafana.
This seems to be due to the null values in the response.
I’m able to fix it by adding exactly one day (in seconds) between each point

But i’m a bit concerned about this “solution”. It seems a bit strange.
Still the problem is solved, so thank you very much.