Custom CloudWatch metrics not pulling data

I can get the AWSCloudWatch metrics to display in a panel, but any custom metrics I choose don’t load any data points even though I can verify they have data.

I am using GrafanaCloud.
I added my Custom Metrics namespace when configuring the Data Source.
The list of metric names and dimensions show up in the query configuration.

Screenshot of metric name and dimensions selected, but no data points.

The same metric and dimensions in CloudWatch with data.

I am new to using Grafana and may just be missing something simple, but haven’t had any luck figuring out what that is.


Try to specify also your other dimensions: Customer, Environment, Service, Metric Name, not only Name. Also check selected dashboard time range.


That was it! Once all were defined, the data started showing. I only needed the one dimension to narrow it down, so I hadn’t defined them all before.

Thank you!

Hi I follwed the same porcess i defined my custome metric name and all name spaces, they are reflecting in metrics but data point are not showing in graph