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this might be a beginner question but how can I fill the Observability → Applications page with apps? I expected apps to appear here as soon as metrics or traces are available in the system.

I added Grafana Faro to my website with traces on, but nothing appears. I also send metrics via api/v1/push/influx/write?db=prometheus endpoint to prometheus but nothing appears.

(Payload: test,app=test123,platform=cpi,stage=dev, service.name=“cpi”,deployment.environment=prod,service.namespace=tools,service.version=1.1,service.instance.id=shopping-cart-66b6c48dd5-hprdn metric=42)

It is not clear for me what I need to do to fill Services and the Map tab. Can someone of you help me?


I guess you need proper span.kind attribute = server in your spans. Faro doesn’t generate that.

Ok. How do you know it is this field? Is there a documentation about it? But that means only apps that generate traces can be seen here? If we only send logs, we can not see the application?

I have had similar ticket with support. I didn’t find any doc for that. Yes. Yes.

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Hey @dbe121 !

Do you instrument your backend services with OpenTelemetry SDKs?

The rationale behind this is: Faro generates telemetry data for frontend apps and this telemetry data can be seen in the Frontend Observability section in your Grafana Cloud instance. @jangaraj is right, the OpenTelemetry SDK for frontend only generates “client” spans and these are not enough for Application Observability.

For Application Observability to work, your backend also needs to be instrumented with OpenTelemetry SDKs or Beyla. Sending only logs or some metrics won’t allow you to see any data in Application Observability.

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That Beyla is also questionable. I tested Beyla 1.0.1. Is there any doc, where requirements about span kind for Application Observability are documented, please? (I’m confused as a user why I don’t see span metrics, service graph, … when I have traces)