Node Graph with Prometheus


I got a straightforward Grafana dashboard that uses the Node Graph panel and Prometheus metrics. But I’m facing several issues:

  • The metric units of edges are not shown (for main and secondary stats)
  • When I add a metric that should represent the nodes, nothing is shown within the nodes.

The metrics are:

twampy_latency_avg_edge{container=“sender”, endpoint=“metrics”, id=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf-twampy-dev-responder.twampy.svc.cluster.local”, instance=“”, job=“twampy/twampy-dev-sender”, mainstat=“11.24”, namespace=“twampy”, pod=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf”, source=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf”, target=“twampy-dev-responder.twampy.svc.cluster.local”}

twampy_result_node{container=“sender”, endpoint=“metrics”, id=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf”, instance=“”, job=“twampy/twampy-dev-sender”, mainstat=“ok”, namespace=“twampy”, pod=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf”, title=“twampy-dev-sender-2l8lf”}

Are these all known issues?

Another thing that I’ve noticed is, why is it not using the space around the target node. The following is almost not readable:

@dariox How did you pull up the data on edges, I have prometheus data and I am trying to show the stats on edges, Could you please help me