Node_exporter hwmon metrics into grafana cloud?

I’d like to get node_exporter’s node_hwmon_* metrics into my grafana cloud instance. When querying the agent (eg curl I’m seeing the various hwmon temperature metrics. However, it doesn’t look like they’re making it to my Prometheus instance, and are not listed on the linux server integration, nor in metrics explorer.

Am I missing a config (I’m just using the defaults as generated by the web ui, but it has no mentions of hwmon), or some trick to getting these?


Hey there, answering my own question here.

I looked through the integration and the metrics it lists out are the defaults for when you have it generate the grafana-agent.yaml snippets for you. That happens in the metric_relabel_configs, action: keep section, which is a big long regex “or” of the metrics that will be taken from the collector and put into prometheus.

So I added the new new metrics I wanted by appending to that regex: |node_hwmon_temp_celsius|node_cpu_scaling_frequency_hertz

I restarted the agent, and was quickly able to use those metrics in my dashboards.

Hope that helps!

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