New Relic plugin borked?

We are using grafana-newrelic-datasource, it was working fine until we noticed today that no data is being pulled from New Relic and we are getting this error when trying to get to the datasource settings:

# expected expression, got '<' Evaluating Loading plugins/grafana-newrelic-datasource/module

Data Source Error

Any idea how to resolve this? There are no settings options showing at all.

If we browse to the link, this is all we get:

Try to restart grafana/reinstall plugin. Maybe there was some network glitch and plugin was not downloaded/installed correctly. And of course specify plugin version explicitly for your Grafana version. For example latest plugin 2.0.0 is only for Grafana 7.0+, so it may have a problem if you install it into older Grafana.

Sorry about the missing info. Updating the plugin worked. Thanks.