Custom datasource plugin 404's for @grafana/data and @grafana/runtime

I’ve developed a custom React datasource plugin using Grafana v6.7.0.

We have installed it in a Grafana instance running v6.0.2 - however there are 404 errors being displayed in Chrome devtools for /public/@grafana/data?_cache=1595952217658 & /public/@grafana/runtime?_cache=1595952217658.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Edit: We are also getting these errors for a panel plugin we developed in parallel to the datasource plugin. The toolkit was used for both - are plugins developed with the toolkit maybe incompatible with v6.0.2?

OK, I’m guessing the errors are due to the fact that the packages are incompatible with v6.0.2. Is there any possible workaround?

These are the @grafana package methods being used in the React panel and datasource plugins:



  • PanelProps
  • PanelPlugin


  • getDataSourceSrv



  • DataSourcePluginOptionsEditorProps
  • DataQueryRequest
  • DataQueryResponse
  • DataSourceApi
  • DataSourceInstanceSettings
  • DataSourcePlugin


  • getBackendSrv


  • DataSourceHttpSettings

What can be done to get things working on v6.0.2, or is it impossible?