Use @grafana/runtime in custom panel plugin

I tried to use @grafana/runtime module in custom panel to access my datasource.
(To extend table panel)

import { PanelProps, ThemeContext, Table} from '@grafana/ui';
import { getBackendSrv } from '@grafana/runtime';

export class TablePanel extends Component<Props> {

But the panel couldn’t found like this.
Panel plugin not found: my-custom-panel
why the grafana url requests public/@grafana/runtime after http://localhost:2527/public/plugins/my-custom-plugin/module.js?_cache=1565248954418

  1. Request URL: http://localhost:2527/public/@grafana/runtime?_cache=1565248954418
  2. Request Method:GET
  3. Status Code: 404 Not Found


I solved!

install the upper version of grafana…
6.2.5 -> 6.3.2

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