Nested Variables

HI there,

I’m using Grafana version v10.0.3 and I’m trying to use nested variables but failing. I’m using AWS CloudWatch as a datasource and I want to show a list of RDS instances based on the regions that are selected. I can get this to work if I select a single region but whenever I select multiple regions it won’t show and instances. At the moment I have the following variables set up:

  1. A query that uses CloudWatch as its datasource and the query type is ‘Regions’. The ‘Multi-Value’ option in ’selecting options’ is also selected.
  2. A query that uses the following:
    Data Source: CloudWatch
    Query type: ‘Dimension Values’.
    Region: ‘Template Variables > $region’
    Namespace: AWS/RDS
    Metric: FreeStorageSpace
    Dimension Key: DBInstanceIdentifier

As an example, if I selected us-east-1 and eu-west-1 regions, I would expect to get 6 results:






Can anyone help me out with this?

That’s not supported, because IMHO AWS API doesn’t support it.