Need the basics

Hey! New to Grafana. I would love if you could point me in the docs where I could read about all the diffrent settings i can mix with. The Doc-page is so huge that I have hard time finding anything there.
For exmaple, under the “select” there is 7 diffrent menus with even more settings.
Aggregations, Selectors, Transformations, Predictors, Math, Aliasing, Fields
What do all those do? And how can I use them to help me?
What do "time($_interval) mean? What do “fill(null)” mean? etc etc…
Normally all this is found in the GitHub page of the integration, but in this case they just direct me to the doc-page.


Have you created something yet in Grafana? If not, you can go to and play around there.

I (and others) are happy to give you pointers, but can you share what you have done so far? Which datasource are you using?

Hello! Yes I have added 5 temperature sensors to a panel, I use Grafana via InfluxDB and HA.
And I’m trying to find a good setting for the sensors.
At the moment the graphs look fine. I only see the temp-data on specific secounds though, not trough the whole line/dots. How come?

This is how it looks so far… not sure if the settings is perfect for temp sensors.
One sensor I have the red one is my heat pumps current set temp. And since the heat pump only set the temp each time I change it I told it to “fill previous”. But that means it also fill it even when the pump is off? And that I dont want. Hm

Oh, and another questions about energy. I have a sensor that give me the ammount of used kWh per hour. And I used a Table for that. But if I want to see a table with the sum of all use for an day, how do I do that? I tried to set time to 24h and fill previous because it seems it doesnt add all values otherwise. If there is 3 hours of 0.4kWh use it only show one of them.
But from what hour and to what hour do they cound 24 hours? Can I change that? Because the 01:00 hour is the first sum of the day. So it will be incorrect if they take the value at 00:00 wich is the last value of the day before.

Last question :slight_smile: I have 2 panels in one Dashboard. One is the daily energy use and one is the hourly use. I have 2 diffrent time range on them. One is “last 7 days”. One is “today so far”. But when I return to the Dashboard they are both “Today so far”. How do I fix one panel to its own time limit?