Is GRAFANA good for me?

Hello everybody.

At my company, we mainly use the Microsoft suite (Excel, Words, etc …)

We work with and develop thermal devices, so we use some sensor, mainly thermometer (thermocouple, PT1000, etc…, also humidity sensor).

I’ve been asked to manage these data (organise them and make some graph out of the data/time).

At the present time, our test duration are around max 48 hours. We get the data in a .CSV or .xls file format. Then we use Excel to “manually” take only the valuable data to make the needed graph.
The data should mostly come in the same way (more or less).

Should I tell that I don’t know anything about GRAFANA.
But I know it is good for nice graph, so I dug a little.

I found that it must take its data from a database, digging in that direction, I found InfluxDB which seems to be good for time based data. I think, that’s what I got (temperature vs time).

So the point would be to use GRAFANA and InfluxDB. But, am I right ?

When I get the data from the machine under test, I download the data from the machine to our server as a .CSV file. The data are timestamped (4 temperature vs time on a 48 hours duration, at a 1 minute rate).

I might have other temperature to timely synchronise and join to the graph, like the machine’s external environment’s temperature.

Do you think I could use GRAFANA and InfluxDB ? I have a doubt as I understood that the data were timestamped when recorded to the influxDB database, thus I’m not sure I could do what I need.

Sorry if I’m not 100%, but I’m at the very beginning of my searching.