Tricky Problem displaying Data

i am using grafana v9.3.2 (21c1d14e91) on a raspberry pi and i visualize dashboards in iobroker.
i created a heating control dashboard with setpoint, actual temperature and valve position. data source is homatic ip (and the correct values are shown in the object tree).

timezone is about 2 days, the reading of the datapoint shows 10 degrees setpoint, and in the graph ist was shown as 8.33 degrees, WHY??
an now the trick: when i zoom in to a timerange of 2 or 3 hours in the grafana panel:

it was shown with the correct values!

something overseen? i dont know…
how can i display the correct dashoard in iobroker?

this is my query:

Hi @joachimknape,
You need to be aware that window period $__interval automatically changes as you change time range from let’s say last 7 days to 90 days. The longer time range you choose in Grafana, the larger $__interval will be. Since you are using mean function while aggregating data you get one data point for every $__interval which represents average value of that period.

You can set small fixed value for window period e.g. GROUP BY time(5m) instead of GROUP BY time($__interval) or maybe you can try some other function instead od mean() (e.g. last()) if that is applicable in your case.

Best regards,

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thx a lot… but now i spend much time to translate in german… ggg