Need help with Mixed influx query

Greetings, I’m still learning grafana, but i can’t figure this out.

I created several dashboards, all of them with influx queries, but there are so much repeated code(I did it because the deadline was near, and now I have some time to improve it). So I thought about creating a main dashboard to have the data to be shared among the rest of them.
But when I select the Mixed query type and the ‘Dashboard’ as the query ‘B’, I can get this message “Data source plugin does not export any Query Editor component”.

How can I fix this?

I have this exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

I have also run into exactly the same issue. How to fix that?

If you are using all Influx queries, are they from the same Influx DB? Acc. to the documentation, Mixed should be selected only when you have multiple (different) datasources.

  • Mixed - Select this to query multiple data sources in the same panel. When this data source is selected, Grafana allows you to select a data source for every new query that you add.
    • The first query will use the data source that was selected before you selected Mixed .
    • You cannot change an existing query to use the Mixed Data Source.
    • Grafana Play example: Mixed data sources

If you want to use the results from an other panel in the same dashboard, select Dashboard in the dropdown.

  • Dashboard - Select this to use a result set from another panel in the same dashboard.