Select data source for a dashboard


I’m using grafana on a centos 7 system. I cannot find the version number anywhere on the UI, but the version number given by yum for the installed package is 4.6.2, so I assume that is the grafana version I am using.

I am fairly new to grafana, but have recently started using it to help with network monitoring.

I set up infuxdb and collecd to collect data from interfaces on various servers and have successfully managed to create some dashbords and generated some graphs measuring bandwidth and this seems to be working ok.

However I have just added a second data source which (also influxdb, but using a different database) and I cannot find a way to select that data source to be used by a new dashboard. Does anyone know how I can select the data source that a dashboard uses ?

Also out of curiosity is it possible to have one dashboard use more than one data source ?

I have gone ahead and created a dashboard, then clicked on ‘graph’ and noticed that the data source can be selected at the top of that window - for some reason I had it in my that the data source was selected per dashboard.

Apologies for the oversight.

Still be interested in whether multiple data sources can be used: – Mixed – option in ‘Data Source’ list ?