Using separate Data Sources with different Dashboards

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I have the NetApp dashboards (which need Graphite) and I also have
Isilon Data Insights dashboards (which use InfluxDB)

Each dashboard needs it’s data source to be the Default so I can’t have them both available - I set one to default and all the counters from the other go empty and vice versa.

I am assuming that the data source can be explicitly defined in the dashboards or something so they don’t simply try to access “Default” but I can’t find even whether this is possible.

Any ideas would be very welcome - thank-you.


How did you import these dashboards?
If you import them through your Grafana application by using the dashboard ID, you should be asked for the datasource to use during the import process.

Yes, it did and the datasource has been set up and as long as it is set as “default” then Grafana draws all of the graphs.
When I imported the other dashboard then it too asked for the datasource, this being different from the first one.
My experience now is that only if the datasource related to the dashboard is set to default will that dashboard have data drawn - the other stops drawing anything.

What the… Something has changed somewhere - I can’t explain it but now both Dashboards are working even though in the past a dashboard would only work if it’s datastore was set to default. I am scared to mess with anything now they’re both ok.
Sorry for wasting your time.
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I experience a similar problem: My dashboards only works / displays data for those panels that use the default datasource. All the other panels have no data. If I switch my other datasource (in my case Loki) to be the default one, those panels displays data but the other datasource’s panels are now empty. Looks like I must have to have a Grafana installation per datasource?