Sample Grafana dashboard Connection string

I’m using Grafana cloud

Sample dashboards are great way to get started and I was looking at a few to see how they are setup and what sort of queries are used and so on…
I tried to import a few samples from community on to my cloud but I struggle to create the datasource connection… I don’t know what parameters to enter… is this something obvious to everyone or its just me, who is new on the platform


Or this

Appreciate the help.



As mentioned in the dashboards links, you need an InfluxDB as your datasource, did you setup any database with your data ?

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Thanks @wlargou
What connection parameters should I use for connection to InfluxDB?
Where can I find that information?

Steps I followed

Import → update ID → Select data source (I don’t have one so I should create): Stick here

If I’m creating then what paramters should I used to create one…

Have you imported any?

Appreciate your response.


Just to let you know that importing dashboards doesn’t import any data, so what are you trying to display ? Do you want only sample data ?

Thanks @wlargou
Shared dashboard - Does it need to be connected to any datasource to display graphs. If not then how will the shared dashboard display data…

apologies, its my first dig at Grafana.

If the dashboard is shared then it should connect to data or hold static data(That’s my understanding). This can help in learning curve.

If I import the dashboard as is then going to display panel with no data. so no graphs will be shown …

My Goals with shared dashboard

  • Learn how the queries and dashboard are designed.
  • How queries visualization is configuered
    … and so on


You can try, there samples for many datasources there.

Good Luck