Grafana data not found

Good evening
I have equipment (RPI) which collects telemetry, and stores it in an Influxdb database. This equipment includes grafana, which allows me to display my data in the form of a personal Dashboard.
I have another RPI on my network for something else, which also has Grafana.
I would have liked to be able to also display the dasboard of the first one.
So, I exported the Dashboard configuration to put it on the second grafana, it’s good, I have my dashboard.
I pointed my second grafana to the Influxdb source which is on the first RPI, it’s good I have the connection, but I don’t have any data in my grafana 2.
I think maybe there is a problem with the datasource ID?? but I can notI think I’m forgetting something, thanks for a little help?

Capture d’écran 2024-04-27 à 19.37.58

Hello, no ideas ?? I have not found again.
Thank you so much.

you need to reset the datasource. it looks broken

hi @yosiasz but grafana work very well on my first rpi, why reset ?

I see , on my first RPI, grafana is V10.3.1 in my second is V10.4.2 perhaps ?

did you export and import a dashboard from one to the other?

I have installed Grafana on windows PC desktop, exported dashboard, configured sources, >>> connexion sources OK > return mine 4 buckets, dashboard is correctly exported, but not datas.

I saw one thing , when I import dashboard, this generate an Unique Identifier.
I have try to replace it whith my operational UID, same problem :grimacing:

I don’t understand this error message, because this UID is operational.

dashboard datasources use guid behind the scenes. the names are for us humans (you are human right? :wink: )

the guid is for grafana. when you create datasource01 (mysql) in grafana server 01 and you create the same identical datasource02 (mysql) the guids are different though the names of both datasources might be franck42. so when you take a dashboard from server01 and take it to server02 the dashboard remembers the datasourceguid not the datasource name.

the image you posted is for dashboard not datasource.

you got guid conflicts all over the place

Oh no.I haven’t touched anything on the UIDs. I have only imported my dasboard, and connected my external source.
I just did a quick test because I thought there might be a problem here.
What does my error message mean? :thinking:

i think we are not on same page.

you created a datasource on server01 to mysql01 and named it frank42 (uid 9999)

you created a datasource on server02 to mysql01 and named it frank42 (uid 1234)

each of these datasources have unique uuid though both are named frank42

you created a dashboard on server01 that uses datasource frank42 (uid 9999) on server01

you created a dashboard named vader on server01 with datasource frank42 (uid 9999)

you capture the json model of dashboard vader and try to import it on server02. json model of vader still has datasource frank42 (uid 9999) =>>>>> which does not exist on server02

thank you for this detail.
I’m on vacation, I’ll resume when I get back, see you later.
I’m going to read some docs about it.

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@yosiasz I understood the uIDs well after reading the doc.
But that didn’t solve my problem.
For this to work, I had to rebuild each indicator by doing a copy/paste, and there everything is OK, but I am left with my failure to import the dashbord.