Where are dashboards saved?

I have been plotting 6 environmental sensors with my Raspberry PI Zero W but I have had serious crash of the laptop (Win10) I monitor it with and had to rebuild it.
Now rebuilt, I come to re-open my dashboard only to find nothing there?
Has everything gone or will I find something retained on my PI?

That really depends on how you created your dashboard. If you provisioned your dashboards or stored the JSON in GitHub as source control, then you should be able to recover fairly quickly.

Otherwise, as far as I know, the dashboards are saved when you click Save.

Thanks for the reply.
I created the Dashboard on my laptop web browser using :3000/?orgId=1 and ‘saved’ them from there as well, I had assumed that meant it was being saved to that IP, my PI, I didn’t use GitHub at all.

Does no one know where they are saved to?

I assumed they either were on the server (RPI) or in the cloud under my grafana account. Otherwise how can they be referenced and displayed on various computers/browsers.

I also assumed they were saved to the RPI.
My laptop is still sick so has gone for repair and I am using my very old one. Using this Grafana still doesn’t list my dashboard but the welcome screen seems to think there is one as ‘build a dashboard’ is struck through. InfluxdB is still listed as the datasource and if I try and create a new Panel all the individual data variables are available to select, but don’t display any values??? I am puzzled.

I was trying to find the Grafana version to add to this post, clicked on “Home” and found my dashboard was listed there!! It is now displaying again, phew!