Mysql row limit

I am getting an error when trying to load my dashboard - “message”: “MySQL query row limit exceeded, limit 1000000”

Is there any way around this? I found the value hardcoded in the source code. Is MySQL not a useful tool for large data sets?

This is Grafana 4.5.1 on RHEL 6, mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.73


The query row limit is there to protect you from queries with missing constraints. You should aggregate your data in the query. Your Browser is probably going to consume 100% cpu for quite some time trying to render 1 million points. And it makes no sense to render 1 milion points if your panel is only 1000 pixels wide.

It seems like the problem came about when I removed the timefilter macro. With it in place, my query doesn’t return anything, but without it, I get all the rows. Is there a way to the sql the query is expanding to so I can figure out why timefilter isn’t working for me?

I found the data I needed in Query Inspector - turns out I needed to build a slightly different filter using the macros. Thanks.

Is 1M restricted only for each panel or its for complete dashboard.
Kindly respond ASAP , i needed it for production.

Any response is helpful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The limit is per query, if you have multiple queries for 1 panel each has their own limit.