MYSQL Query - driver.Value type time.Time into type *sql.RawBytes

Using a basic query to build a time series and am receiving the following error:

“MySQL response parsing error sql: Scan error on column index 2: unsupported Scan, storing
driver.Value type time.Time into type *sql.RawBytes”

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(day) as time_sec,
sum(sent) as value,
day as metric
FROM stats
WHERE day >= FROM_UNIXTIME(1483228800) AND day <= FROM_UNIXTIME(1509494400) 

Query runs fine outside of Grafana and works inside as a table. Date field is ‘date’.


Edit: Google has led me to need “?parseTime=true” in the connection string. How can I use this in Grafana?

Try to convert day in day as metric to char type.

Then I receive an error for ‘no times series found’. I was able to get it to work by duplicating the date column and have one left as date and changing the other to CHAR… kind of an ugly work around.

One other quick question. Now that I have the data coming in I can display a bar or point graph, but nothing shows when using a line graph?

Try to use connected null values mode for graph.

can you explain what is the right query? (without changing schema)