SQL Server and Time

I’m trying to run a query without a time stamp column. In MySQL I can do:

SELECT NOW() as ‘time’

And that works fine for the MySQL Servers. However when I try:


I get no results in a time series. But it will show up in a table:


What do I need to do?

What version of grafana are you on?

Grafana v6.7.4 (NA) is the version

That could be the issue. You are one of the oldest version of grafana

Any reason you cannot update?

It’s in a closed secure location in production. We cannot install from repo

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this works

select  GETDATE() as time, 77 value, 'jama' as metric

datetime by itself does not. odd

Now I get the following result:

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Table shows the data:

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getdate is not UTC, you will need to provide a utc date time which grafana requires. maybe GETUTCDATE()

your issue is not grafana but the data you provided it.

GETUTCDATE does the same behavior