Time Format Issue

I have an issue with the Grafana interpretation of the time column from an SQL database. The table in the database contains a Timestamp column with the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (first image) which seems to work fine when imported into Grafana directly as a table, however to create a graph I need to specify Timestamp as “time”. When I do this the timestamp automatically converts into millisecond epoch time (second image).

As a result of this it seems like Grafana cannot properly graph the data, with “No data” shown for queries where data definitely exists in the database. Is there some way to specify the date format in Grafana?

Hi @enviroconcepts Don’t worry you can change this again into time stamp. Edit your panel and open visualization style. You can see attached image. follow these steps and you can change or rename your column name in this section. I wish your issue will be resolved when you will follow these steps.

There is issue in grafana where it checks time as UTC time but when in interval comparison or group by it checks time as local and only converting interval time to UNIX .

Solution - You should add one more column to table which should contains UNIX equivalent time of your timestamp and pass that in time column and everything will work.

Local Browser Time - 2020-05-31 17:21:05 (It is UTC + 5:30)
UNIX_TIMESTAMP - 1590945665