Multiples metrics in graph without the same scale and different draw modes

Hi everyone,

I use PostgreSQL as datasource

I want to create a graph withe these different characteristics :

  1. multiple metrics choosing with a variable (already done)
  2. I want some some metrics with line and some specific with points
  3. I want the metrics with line to be scale with the left axis and the points one with the right axis

I don’t know if I can do this on a single graph.

Some explanation on my data :

  • I have a table ‘donnees’ (data in english)
  • I have some column like (I have more than that but the others have the same type) :
    cyc_aro_don Integer (but only 0 or 1, not boolean because I want this on the graph) > I want it with points and scales on the right axis
    cpt_temp_int_don Real (beetween 0 and 50°C with 2 decimals) > I want this one in line and scaled on the left axis


This is totally possible with style/series overrides. (The screenshot is out of date in the docs but update coming soon).

There is also a guide here

There is multiple y-axis support in Grafana. You can do it with series overrides or just by clicking on a series in the legend (see here number 2 is where you should click)

Thank you Daniellee,

I think this is the solution, I don’t really know how series overrides work, but I test it tomorrow.