Simple way for multiple y-axes for the same query but with different units?

Hey there.

I was looking for a simple way to get 2 y-axes, each using another unit, for the same query graphs.
There are numerous articles about that topic floating around, but with none of those I found really worked.

What I have are panels with very simple graphs, e.g. network IO, two graphs:


Per default the use e.g. MB/s as the unit for the (left-side) y-axis.

Now I’d like to have the right side y-axis use e.g. MBit/s.

But the only way so far I found is, to plot each of the graphs twice, and set overrides for the 2nd pair using another axis placement and another unit.

The result still looks as if only two graphs were plotted (the two corresponding ones are anyway the same).

While that works, it seems to really plot all 4 graphs, so it takes much longer.

Given that this should be a fairly common used case (like °C / °F, or km/h / mph, etc. pp.)… isn’t there some better way to simply give a single graph two units?


Sonething like this?

AFAIU, your example is a plot which contains different graphs, which are just somehow related.

I mean rather something like this:

Each graph has basically two units, and just the axis scales are different (by a factor of 8… Bytes to Bits).

The problem with the above is, the in reality each of the two graphs is there twice (which you can see on the legend).

Oh an in principle I’d also like to have a way, to display in both units in that “pop up” that shows the exact values at the current pointer position.