Missing plugin routes for an Angular app

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed the version v8.1.7 to test an old Angular app of mine and Grafana does not seem to serve the app’s pages under /plugins/my-app-id/ any more.

Is there a way to get those routes working?

Thanks a lot!

Have you checked whether it loaded successfully? Newer versions of Grafana don’t allow loading of unsigned plugins by default. You need to explicitly allow them in that case.

Hi Marcus,

I believe it is successfully loaded.

I have added the plugin ID (gtw-app) to allow_loading_unsigned_plugins in the configuration file.

According to the logs, it seems to be ok?

I can also see the plugin on the /plugins page.

And it is also present in the Grafana configuration object in the DOM.

However when I try to access the app page /plugins/gtw-app/page/home, I get a 404 error.

Hi Marcus,

Sorry to bother you with this issue but should I assume that those routes are no longer supported in Grafana 8?

I completely understand that Grafana can not support Angular forever but do you have any information on when Grafana will drop Angular plugins support?

Thanks a lot for your help.