Panel Plugin being Detected as Angular


I am upgrading a panel plugin to be compatible with v10+ from v8. I also migrated it to the new scaffolding. The panel is written using react and is working well after the changes/migration. But for some reason it is getting flagged as an Angular plugin. I have looked high and low for dependencies or anything that would lead Grafana to think it is an Angular plugin. Any suggestions on where to look or what the script that detects the plugin framework looks at?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey - try this GitHub - grafana/plugin-validator: Tool for validating Grafana community plugins and it should return the matched pattern indicating use of Angular

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Hey - thank you! I was unaware of this tool. Unfortunately, the validator does not throw any errors or warnings relating to Angular. Any other thoughts as to why the plugin is getting flagged as Angular?

Is the previous version published to the Grafana plugin catalog?

Unfortunately, no. This is an internally devloped plugin that has not been shared.


You can get the pattern that’s flagging the plugin as Angular in Grafana from Grafana’s logs.

First, you have to add the following to your config.ini file:

filters = plugins.validator.angular.patterns:debug

Then, restart Grafana and you should see one or more lines similar to:

DEBUG[06-05|10:05:17] Angular detected                         logger=plugins.validator.angular.patterns pluginId=grafana-worldmap-panel version=0.3.3 detector=PanelCtrl

Check the line that refers to your pluginId. The detector argument contains the pattern that is triggering the Angular detection, in this case it’s PanelCtrl.

This should help you track down why your plugin is being flagged as an Angular one.

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