Use of Angular 4 in plugin development

I am currently learning my way through panel plugin’s development and I have noticed one thing:

In the official documentation, it is said to use Angular (I understand Angular 4) as the Javascript framework.
Even though I do find some imports for Angular, I don not see any kind of resemblance of the typical structure
for an Angular development in the projects.

Normal javascript imports are used instead of imports for NGmodules, the module.js/ts is the entrance point
for the plugin, but there is not a NGmodule definition with the use of decorators.
Plus, the module has a module.html itself, instead of making a panelModuleComponent.ts in which it is defined or
referenced the template.

Nor I do see the use of components for modularizing the development and to control screen spaces, or the
use of services, routing, etc.

By no means am I complaining about how the code is written, I just wanted to know if it is possible an
Angular approach to this, if what it is developed as a plugin is an Angular module, or a component; or
if I should stick to develop my plugins in plain javascript as in the examples.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this,

PD: I do know how to do panel plugins following the examples

Grafana is older than angular2 (and 4), so uses angularjs (a complely different framework from angular2+).

We have started migrating to React but that will take years.

Funny I created an account a few minutes ago to ask this very same question. Is there any way to import Angular4 components into Angularjs in Grafana? or even ReactJS components ?

Thank you so much for your answer, I can now understand everything a lot better.
Angular 4 and AngularJS do not have a thing in common endeed, so trying to
understand Grafana with the other framework in mind was really confusing.

It would be really helpful if AngularJS was mentioned instead of just Angular in the
tutorial for developing a plugin, as newcomers (like me) may not know when it was
developed and be misled too.

It would be useful too, if it was mentioned in the developing plugins docs, as it is
the point of first contact to plugin developing for anyone who’s interested in the

Again, thank you so much for such a quick and good response to my question,