Merge columns in order to have the values on the same line

Hello ! I wanted to know how to merge these 2 columns on Grafana. In order to have the 2 values ​​on the same line, and not to make 2 different lines each time as in the picture.

Hi @lorene - if you’re using Grafana v7+ and assuming that it’s only one column or the other (no row has a value for both LoadTime and EndAnimation time) you should be able to do this with data transformations by summing those columns together into a new one:

Hi @samcoren thank you for your reply! I’m using the version 6.6.2 of Grafana. I found a solution for my problem but it is quite weird and I would like another alternative(screenshot below).
I don’t know why but it allows to merge the 2 columns on the same row each time, I really found it by chance.
I tried several solutions found on the Grafana community but none worked for me. For example “sum(frontend_metrics_loading_sum) by(url)” does not return any value whereas it should work with this.