LogCLI syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting STRING (<nil>)

When doing
logcli labels job

I get the right labels.

But as soon as I try to query, I get this error.
Error response from server: parse error at line 1, col 6: syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting STRING (<nil>) attempts remaining: 0

The logs are in JSON format.

I have Grafana dashboards using the same queries and working fine.

I’ve never used the Windows version of logcli before, but just an observation, the logcli client prints out the would-be API call, and if you look closely it’s missing the double quotes.


This translates to:


without the double quotes, which is probably incorrect.

Thank you
Indeed I ran the same query with logCLI on Linux and it worked

I experienced a similar issue.
I was able to run a query with escaping before the double quotes.


.\logcli-windows-amd64.exe query ‘{job=\“mntlogs\”}’