All queries result in "syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER"

I have grafana+loki+promtail configured, and everything seems to be working fine. I am able to see the logs (in the example below it’s nginx’ access.log):

However, when I’m trying to run any query expression, even the simplest one, I’m getting error “parse error at line 1, col 3: syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting = or =~ or !~ or !=”

What am I missing?

Update: when I copy-paste exactly the same query, it’s working as expected:

But when I type in anything in the query textbox, e.g. add a whitespace at the end and then delete it, the very same query stops working:


The issue does not occur in Firefox. It occurs in Chrome (on Linux Mint 20).

Also, grafana version is 8.3.11

You might want to upgrade Grafana to 9.*. There was a bug specifically to that query text field that misbehaves on Chrome that was fixed.

Actually, looks like it’s fixed in 8.5.13 as well. I think this is the issue: LogQL Query: Impossible to edit the query on Explore view · Issue #56463 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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