Seeing warning message in Grafana Log histogram from v10.3

Hi Team,

We recently upgraded the Grafana to latest version i.e v10.4.0.

After that we are seeing warning message in log volume section (Grafana histogram) of the Grafana explore.

When I search the error in google, in all scenarios, issue is with the loki query but in my case logs are coming without any issues but the graph panel in grafana explore is not loading.

In few forum they mentioned sometimes this issue comes due to browser extension but I try to access the same URL in Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox in all the browsers I am seeing same issue.

While debugging I inspected the page and see the console for any error than I found two errors.

  1. POST API call to /api/ds/query?ds_type=loki&requestId=explore_m1n_logs_volume_0_1 endpoint is failing with 400 error. Same API endpoint is getting success for 10.2.2 version.
  2. The second one is I am seeing below message as Uncaught exception
message : "parse error at line 1, col 90: syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER" 
refId : "log-volume-A" 
status : 500

Is there any configuration changes I missed. Could someone help us on this ?