Search function grafana behaves strange when typing, only for Loki

If i copy a explore command in the search field and use it it works fine.
But when i type something, it goes to the end of the line after the first character i type.
Also after a valid change in the query it always fails like for instance described here:

Explore command:
{filename=~“/appl/mca/log/dbloader/cur/.*log”}|=’ E ’

parse error at line 1, col 3: syntax error: unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting = or =~ or !~ or !=

Version loki:
loki, version 2.5.0 (branch: HEAD, revision: 2d9d0ee23)
build user: root@4779f4b48f3a
build date: 2022-04-07T21:50:00Z
go version: go1.17.6
platform: linux/amd64

Version grafana tested 9.1.1 and 9.1.3

Hi @waardd,

Thanks for opening this post.

This seems to be a known issue which was just got fixed:

You can find the possible workaround and the release version where it will get fixed in the comments.

The new 9.1.4. version of Grafana fixed this.